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Grant Writing

Grant Management & Reporting

RFP Responses

Proofreading and Copy Editing

Lobbying and Government Affairs

Project Management

Grants, Government, and Fundraising Solutions

Ecostrata Services, headquartered in South Florida, is dedicated to amplifying financial resources and cultivating growth opportunities for private enterprises, nonprofit organizations and government organizations. We have secured more than $100 million for our clients through a variety of focused and diverse strategies including fundraising, consulting, strategic planning, lobbying, grant writing and project management.


We offer grant writing, grant reporting, sponsorship solicitation, lobbying and fundraising consulting services to nonprofit 501c3 organizations in the social services, arts and culture, and education sectors.


We guide small to mid-size municipalities in securing State and Federal funding accelerating their ability to enhance services for their residents.

For Profits

We amplify business opportunities by identifying and developing competitive proposals for securing government bids, request for proposals and contract opportunities.

Grants and Fundraising

Over the past 9 years we have secured over    $10 million in funding to South Florida businesses and organizations.

Government Services

Guided by our extensive experience working with local, state and federal bureaucracies, we bring the expertise and ability to achieve results that may be challenging for others.

Project Management

We have the experience of working with everyone from elected officials to direct          staff to outside consultants.

We are proud of our achievements

Our achievements both big and small represent the dedication and hard work we bring to each project. Each success speaks to our commitment and the partnerships we’ve nurtured.                       These accomplishments fuel our passion as we continue to expand our reach and expertise.

Client Collaborations

We believe in meaningful partnerships, collaborations and shared successes. We focus on personalized strategies to achieve your unique goals.

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