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Success Stories


Secured over $100,000 annually for Act4Me, a small nonprofit that serves low-income children with disabilities, providing free physical, occupational and speech therapy to 50 local children each year.

Transportation implementation grant

Awarded a $600,000 transportation implementation grant for North Bay Village, resulting in the completion of a sidewalk network in a heavily-populated area. 

Bid Responses

Worked with a team of private developers to respond to a government bid for affordable housing in a multi-story building, by coordinating the information, writing and submission of the response.

Resilience Planning Grant

Assisted in the writing of a $1 million planning grant for a neighborhood resilience center in the City of Miami.

Storm Water Design

Secured federal funding for the design and construction of a storm water system in a low-lying community susceptible to flooding.

Haiti Hospital

Raised $3 million dollars for the development and continued operation of a critical care hospital in downtown Port-Au-Prince. Funding was acquired from national and international foundations.

Government Contracts

Assisted Large office supply company in securing a multi-million dollar contract, providing all office supply needs to Miami Dade County departments.

Urban Parks

One of our areas of expertise is acquiring funding to purchase land for parks or renovation of existing parks.

Urban Trees

The trees in parks and in our public areas constitute our urban forestry. We have helped countless cities receive much needed funding to increase their tree canopy, thereby making the community more walkable and increasing property values. Assisted various municipalities in receiving grant dollars for the planting, maintenance and study

Town Hall Energy Retrofit

A full lighting retrofit of a municipal building, helping to save 10% of their energy bill while reducing carbon emissions.

Community cycling event

Secured corporate and individual sponsorships to support annual community cycling event with thousands of participants.

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